Thai House Cuisine 2

Thai House Cuisine 2

For my money a good curry is hard to beat, it is probably one of my favorite foods.  When it comes to curry, I think Thai restaurants serve the best, so when I see a new Thai restaurant I usually make it a point to give it a shot.  Thai House Cuisine 2 in Draper … Continue reading

Curry In A Hurry

Curry In A Hurry

I have a hard time reviewing Curry In A Hurry, it isn’t like I have a lot of other fast food style Indian Restaurants to visit.  I could compare it to full-on Indian restaurant but that doesn’t seem quite fair, these other places can make the food fresh and they hire chefs to get it … Continue reading

Thai Village

One of my favorite foods is curry, especially Thai curry, so having a Thai restaurant in my home town should be a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong, they have some great food here but the one thing it lacks is a spicy kick.  It almost feels like the are holding back for the sake … Continue reading

Bombay House: Cuisine of India

Ahh the Bombay House… one of my favorite things about it used to be its anonymity, sadly for me but good for them, this is no longer the case.  The first time I ate at the Bombay House was about 7 years ago and I was invited to meet a few of my friends for some … Continue reading

Chanon Thai Cafe

With this restaurant I am torn, do I let my readers know how great this place is or do I greedily keep it to myself?  I guess it is only fair that I let you all in on the restaurant that has stole my heart.  This place hides on the middle of a block surrounded … Continue reading