Chanon Thai Cafe

Chanon Thai Cafe

Chanon Thai Cafe

With this restaurant I am torn, do I let my readers know how great this place is or do I greedily keep it to myself?  I guess it is only fair that I let you all in on the restaurant that has stole my heart.  This place hides on the middle of a block surrounded mostly by small businesses.  When you first walk in you notice that it is a little crammed and not at all like what you have seen at most Thai restaurants.  Scattered on the walls are pictures drawn by customers and kids, most poorly drawn and in crayon, it is endearing and adds to the charm.  Another quirk I love is that most silverware, plates, bowls, glasses, etc. will not match the others at your table, it makes me feel like I am apart of something non-traditional, something special.  The waiters and waitresses are quickly moving from table to table and most times the wait is not bad.

Gang Ka Ree, Yellow Curry with Chicken

Gang Ka Ree, Yellow Curry with Chicken

Once you are seated and handed the menu you will have a few minutes to look it over and make a decision, one thing is for sure, if it is your first time you will likely order the wrong spice level.  In my experience most first timers are at least one spice level too high.  The Spice scale runs from 0 (mild) to 5 (try at your own risk).  I am not exaggerating about the spice, you have not been to a thai restaurant that serves this kind of heat, every other place I have been to doesn’t even serve a level 1 in comparison to Chanon thai.  Pick your meal, Curry, Stir Fry, Noodles, etc. and then select the meat you would like in it as well as the spice level of your choosing.  My favorite is the Gang Ka Ree, a creamy yellow curry that incorporates potato, onion, green bell peppers, and carrots.  In the past I have seen times when they serve different vegetables and I really think it comes down to which vegetables are in season.  The food is cooked to order, they prep the curry paste but the rest is waiting for your to order.  Surprisingly even though the food is not pre-made it will not take long for your food to be ready.  Each lunch meal comes with a Soup or Salad as an appetizer, the soup is a soup of the day and the salad has a choice of 2 dressings, peanut sauce or house dressing.  The peanut sauce dressing is amazing, it has a slight spicy kick to it and the peanut flavor is not overpowering.  The price for the food is good, $7.50 for the entire meal and it will fill you up every time.  I have already reccomended this cafe to all my family and friends.  They are closed Saturdays but are open Monday-Friday for lunch from 11:30am-3pm and Sunday-Friday for Dinner from 5:30pm-10pm.  If you are a fan of Thai food your only problem will be that no other Thai restaurant will ever measure up to the great Chanon Thai Cafe.

Chanon Thai Cafe:

No Website but I know of a Facebook Group

The ChinWag Visited Chanon Thai Cafe At:

278 East 900 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84111


4 Responses to “Chanon Thai Cafe”
  1. Cheryl says:

    You really aren’t kidding when you say that its good food. I absolutely love the atmosphere!!! GREAT service, and nice people!!

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