Gloria’s Little Italy

Gloria's Little Italy

Gloria’s Little Italy is an authentic Italian restaurant near University Avenue and Center Street in Provo.  This small trattoria had gone unnoticed by me for some time but one night while walking to our car we stumbled by and decided to pop in and grab a cannoli, the people were so friendly and the pastries … Continue reading

DP Cheesesteaks

DP Cheesesteaks

It must be fall, the weather is cooling down, football is taking up my weekends, and Cheesesteaks are calling to me.  I can go 8 months without thinking about a cheesesteak sandwich and then when August rolls around, they are all I can think about for lunch on the weekends. DP Cheesesteaks has been around … Continue reading



If you have followed my blog much you know that I am always up to try a new Burger joint.  A few month’s ago one of my friends told me that they had recently seen the opening of a Scaddy’s in Lehi, now I spend a lot of time in Utah County so I figured … Continue reading

Cafe Paesan

Cafe Paesan is a new restaurant that is currently only located in Utah County, think of it more as Italian Fast Food than as an actually Italian Restaurant with menus and waiters.  I was told about this place by some relatives and was told that I could get a pretty good flatbread sandwich, so I … Continue reading

One Man Band

One Man Band

One Man Band has been a place my family has frequented since before I can remember.  The food is good, the decor is fun, and it usually isn’t as crowded as some of the larger chain restaurants.  The idea is simple, one or two cooks, a bus boy/girl, seat yourself, flip through the menu and … Continue reading

Koi (Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar)

Koi - Japanese Cuisine

I have given a lot of thought to this weeks review and decided on a restaurant that I don’t hear many people discuss in Utah County, that restaurant in Koi. Slightly hidden in the parking lot of a Del Taco (I wish all my reviews could use that line ;)) sits Koi, a Japanese Cuisine … Continue reading

Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon

My wife and are decided to go out to dinner a few weekends ago and were trying to think of a new place to go.  Tucked away in Highland sits Blue Lemon, a restaurant that prides itself on its “pure clean food”.  Does that translate into a great dining experience? Upon entering Blue Lemon I … Continue reading

Thai Village

One of my favorite foods is curry, especially Thai curry, so having a Thai restaurant in my home town should be a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong, they have some great food here but the one thing it lacks is a spicy kick.  It almost feels like the are holding back for the sake … Continue reading

China Isle

When I think of Chinese food, usually the last place I think of is Utah County.  It is so bad there that Panda Express was voted best Chinese takeout, I don’t even know what to do with that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they voted McDonald’s the best BBQ in the County, I mean who … Continue reading

Rodizio Grill

Recently Rodizio Grill opened in American Fork and I took the opportunity to drop in for an early dinner.  Many of you have heard of this restaurant but because there are so many other Brazilian restaurants in Utah there is a good chance you might not have made it to this one yet.  For those … Continue reading