The ChinWag was started in 2008 as an experiment in blogging and the capability of the iPhone, a friend and I wanted to start taking pictures with our phones and blogging using an iPhone App.  Without a clear idea of what I wanted to blog about I started just taking pictures of things, one of the things that stood out were the pictures of some of the food dishes I was eating at lunch.  My wife had often bugged me to take her to some of the restaurants I had been frequenting so I figured there must be more people out there looking for places to eat, maybe they had never heard of a place or maybe they had just been too nervous to try some restaurant, whatever the reason I figured I could share my opinions and maybe point out some new places to eat.

In the beginning I played with the format of each review but there was one principle I wanted to hold to… I am not a chef and I am not trained in the culinary arts, I am just a normal guy that likes to eat.  There are plenty of blogs and websites out there with expert chefs that can break down the smallest of things about a meal, but when was the last time one of us verbalized that the use of oregano in our meal did not compliment the basil as much as we would have liked?  I wanted this blog to be open, honest, and straightforward, I eat a meal at a restaurant and then I tell you if I liked it or not, what more do you need to know?  I have heard suggestions on how to review certain foods and while I agree that it usually makes logical sense if I would never eat that food in that particular fashion then why would I review it in that way?  I want my burgers with all the toppings and my Philly Cheesesteaks with spice, mushrooms, and peppers.

This blog is about helping others find new interesting places to eat and I will always be open to other’s opinions as well as any reviews sent in by my readers, if you know a good place to eat, don’t keep it to yourself, share it.  I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far and I hope you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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