I know what you must be thinking… Harmons isn’t a restaurant, but hear me out on this one. They serve ready to eat dishes and they have a dining area… that sounds like a restaurant to me 😉

Thai House Cuisine 2

Thai House Cuisine 2

For my money a good curry is hard to beat, it is probably one of my favorite foods.  When it comes to curry, I think Thai restaurants serve the best, so when I see a new Thai restaurant I usually make it a point to give it a shot.  Thai House Cuisine 2 in Draper … Continue reading

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect

For as long as I can remember, Crepes have been a staple in my family.  Sweet Crepes were my favorite dessert growing up and because of my love for this food I usually try to get to any place that serves them.  On a trip to San Francisco a few years ago we made multiple … Continue reading

Yoshi’s Japanese Grill

Yoshi's Japanese Grill

Update: Yoshi’s Japanese Grill quietly closed sometime in the last two years. I believe there are other locations still open. I started going to Yoshi’s a few years back and always found the food to be tasty and perfect for lunch.  A Japanese restaurant that serves mainly rice bowls and sushi, it is hard to … Continue reading

Water Moon

Water Moon

Water Moon is marketed as an Asian Fusion restaurant, I actually think that is a better good way to describe it considering you can order Chinese, Japanese, or Sushi.  Upon first visiting Water Moon I didn’t have high hopes, it shares a strip-mall with a grocery store and doesn’t look like much from the outside. … Continue reading

Curry In A Hurry

Curry In A Hurry

I have a hard time reviewing Curry In A Hurry, it isn’t like I have a lot of other fast food style Indian Restaurants to visit.  I could compare it to full-on Indian restaurant but that doesn’t seem quite fair, these other places can make the food fresh and they hire chefs to get it … Continue reading

Cafe Paesan

Cafe Paesan is a new restaurant that is currently only located in Utah County, think of it more as Italian Fast Food than as an actually Italian Restaurant with menus and waiters.  I was told about this place by some relatives and was told that I could get a pretty good flatbread sandwich, so I … Continue reading

Chester Fried

Chester Fried

I have been holding off on this review for a while due to confusion with the name of the restaurant.  Whether you call it Chester Fried or Kevin’s Fried Chicken To Go one thing is for sure, they make some great fried chicken and the price is almost unbeatable. The confusion with the name of … Continue reading

Moki’s Hawaiian Grill

Maybe its because I have spring fever but for the last little while I have been on a Hawaiian food kick.  I have driven by Moki’s dozens of times over the past few years but had never stopped in, not sure why exactly but it is what it is.  A few weeks back I decided … Continue reading

China Isle

When I think of Chinese food, usually the last place I think of is Utah County.  It is so bad there that Panda Express was voted best Chinese takeout, I don’t even know what to do with that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they voted McDonald’s the best BBQ in the County, I mean who … Continue reading