Bombay House: Cuisine of India

Bombay House: Cuisine Of India

Bombay House: Cuisine Of India

Ahh the Bombay House… one of my favorite things about it used to be its anonymity, sadly for me but good for them, this is no longer the case.  The first time I ate at the Bombay House was about 7 years ago and I was invited to meet a few of my friends for some curry and fun times.  I had tried Indian food before but never at a proper restaurant, it lived up to my expectations.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with beautiful art and decorations adorning the walls you can easily forget that just outside the busy world is continuing about its business.  The staff is friendly and cheerful, almost to a point of surprising you at times.  I remember asking one of the members of the staff where I could find their bathroom and for about 30 seconds he had me believing that I was going to have to go outside and walk around the back of the building and knock on a door to get to the bathroom.  Those kinds of experiences are fun for me, I want the people who work in the restaurants I visit to enjoy dealing with customers and to look happy that they are there.

Chicken Coconut Kurma

Chicken Coconut Kurma

I am a huge fan of curries and one of my favorite Indian meals is a Chicken Coconut Kurma, a creamy coconut milk based curry with nuts and spices.  I have tried some of their other meals, the Chicken TikkaMasala, the Chicken Curry, the Lamb Boti Kabob Masala to name a few, but more often than not I am going with the Kurma.  I also like to order the Naan to eat with my meal, it is an Indian flat-break baked in a tandoor.  I usually just order water, which they continue to refill before I ever hit the bottom, but on some occasions I will order one of their Lassi’s, a drink that blends yogurt and fresh fruit.  While the Bombay House has become a crowded spot to dine, especially on the weekends, it never fails to impress.  They are opened Monday-Saturday for Dinner from 4pm-10pm.  I have never been to India but I can surely say that it is the best Indian food I have had in the state of Utah.

Bombay House:

The ChinWag Visited Bombay House At:
463 North University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

They also have two other locations in Salt Lake City

3 Responses to “Bombay House: Cuisine of India”
  1. Stuart says:

    My vote for a great curry is Ganesh out in Midvale, really really good:


  2. darmstrong says:

    I will have to go try Ganesh, I don’t believe I have ever been there. If I have, it would have been before I started consistently writing this blog. Thanks for the tip. By the way, I like your blog, keep up the good work.

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