Curry In A Hurry

Curry In A Hurry

Curry In A Hurry

I have a hard time reviewing Curry In A Hurry, it isn’t like I have a lot of other fast food style Indian Restaurants to visit.  I could compare it to full-on Indian restaurant but that doesn’t seem quite fair, these other places can make the food fresh and they hire chefs to get it all just so.  But to not mention Curry In A Hurry on my blog would also be unfair.  In order to review this restaurant I will throw out all comparisons and just let you know what I thought.

Curry In A Hurry has been serving the Salt Lake area for years now and appears to be somewhat of a hotspot for out-of-town celebrities, they have pictures on the counter of some of the more famous people that have visited this small restaurant.  Curry In A Hurry has often won awards and is commonly mentioned as a “must try” place in Salt Lake City.  They keep the menu simple but with a decent variety of Pakistani food items.

Chicken CurryOn my last trip I ordered the Chicken Curry Plate, featuring my favorite curry with a slight coconut flavor to it.  It is served with Rice and Naan and is actually a pretty nice sized serving.  I also ordered the Samosa, one of my favorite Indian food items, it is a Deep Fried Turnover stuffed with potatoes, peas, and onions, amazing add-on to any curry meal.  The meal is a bit spicy but tastes great and is served fairly fast.  The price isn’t too outrageous, seeing as you can get a good sized meal for under $10.  Really, if I am staying away from comparisons this restaurant is great, a nice spot for a quick lunch.  While I don’t think it stacks up against some of the better Indian Food in Salt Lake City I think it excels at what it does, quick tasty Indian food.  So drop in sometime and give it a try, and as always let me know what you think in the comments.

Curry In A Hurry:

The ChinWag Visited Curry In A Hurry At:
2020 South State St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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