Prime Sandwiches

I am always on the lookout for local restaurants, delis, and other eateries. There is just something about going to a place that only has a single location. You start to feel like you are a part of something instead of just another dollar in the register, it is one of the reasons that I … Continue reading

Pazzo Vita

This little deli serves up some seriously good eats in an area of Taylorsville that isn’t really known for its dining. I have worked in the area for the last 7 years and, until recently, have never had decent food within walking distance from my office. That changed a while back when Pazzo Vita moved … Continue reading

Rocky Mtn. Wingshak

Here is another review out of Utah County, and this time we are talking wings.  I get excited about reviews for places like this because wings are great for take-out and usually involve a group of friends hanging out.  Isn’t that what food is all about, good food and good friends?  While I will be … Continue reading