I know what you must be thinking… Harmons isn’t a restaurant, but hear me out on this one. They serve ready to eat dishes and they have a dining area… that sounds like a restaurant to me 😉

European Pizza Deli M&A

On a tip from one of my friends I decided I had to take a trip into the European Pizza Deli M&A.  She had told me good things so I gathered a group of friends from work and we went looking for it.  The European Pizza Deli is in a small strip mall on Redwood … Continue reading

Village Pizza

There are not a lot of places to eat in Eagle Mountain, UT, but there is an eatery that is worth the trip out there.  I am talking about Village Pizza located in The Ranches.  This little Pizzeria is a throw back to the golden age of pizza, the 80’s.  It is small, they have … Continue reading