Where Have I Been?

Hello everybody, first off let me thank everybody that visits my blog or those of you who did until I stopped posting. I felt like it was important that I explain why it has been so long since I last posted on TheChinWag, so here it goes: I started The ChinWag a few years ago … Continue reading

About The ChinWag

Since I have been sick this week I thought today would be a good time to write an “About” section for this blog and why I continue to post. The ChinWag was started in 2008 as an experiment in blogging and the capability of the iPhone, a friend and I wanted to start taking pictures … Continue reading

Welcome to The ChinWag!

Welcome to my blog, this will be a great place to read about many things but one of my current passions is food.  Going to restaurants and cooking at home will most definitely be blogged about here, but you will also find a lot of posts that revolve around what I see going on in the world. … Continue reading