Gloria’s Little Italy

Gloria's Little Italy

Gloria’s Little Italy is an authentic Italian restaurant near University Avenue and Center Street in Provo.  This small trattoria had gone unnoticed by me for some time but one night while walking to our car we stumbled by and decided to pop in and grab a cannoli, the people were so friendly and the pastries … Continue reading

Cafe Paesan

Cafe Paesan is a new restaurant that is currently only located in Utah County, think of it more as Italian Fast Food than as an actually Italian Restaurant with menus and waiters.  I was told about this place by some relatives and was told that I could get a pretty good flatbread sandwich, so I … Continue reading

Village Pizza

There are not a lot of places to eat in Eagle Mountain, UT, but there is an eatery that is worth the trip out there.  I am talking about Village Pizza located in The Ranches.  This little Pizzeria is a throw back to the golden age of pizza, the 80’s.  It is small, they have … Continue reading