Where Have I Been?

Hello everybody, first off let me thank everybody that visits my blog or those of you who did until I stopped posting. I felt like it was important that I explain why it has been so long since I last posted on TheChinWag, so here it goes:

I started The ChinWag a few years ago with the thought of giving simple reviews of some local restaurants in Utah. I have always enjoyed writing and the more restaurants I tried the more excited I got to tell you what I thought. I was working hard, eating often, and doing it on my own. Many people said they would like to write for The ChinWag and share their opinions but none of those “Guest Posts” materialized. This feeling of going it alone was a little daunting but I felt up to the challenge, for a while.

October of 2010 something changed, my weight had gotten out of control and I was tipping the scales at 320 lbs, or at least that is the highest I saw on a scale before I stopped checking. I made a trip into Taco Bell and was loading up on some of my favorite items, I took it home to eat and after finishing my meal I started into my wife’s leftovers. That night I got sick, really sick, I didn’t go to the hospital but at the time I was pretty sure it was food poisoning. After a few sick days, laying in bed feeling miserable, I was finally able to get up and get back to work.

Once I got back into the office and had to start thinking about lunch and food again only one thing sounded good, salad. Those of you who know me must find it hard to believe that I was craving salad, but that is all that sounded good, fresh veggies without the gut taxing grease of meat. I stuck with salad for a while, then I incorporated bread into my lunches and the next thing I knew I had lost some weight. This healthier eating and weight loss was making me feel pretty good and I decided to make a go of it.

At this point I weight about 255 lbs and I feel great, my ultimate weight loss goal is to get down to 220 lbs. I still eat out but not as much as I used to, and when I do eat out it usually is not very exciting. I have thought a lot about The ChinWag recently and wonder if it might be better to start back into writing, only less frequently. I could put some of the recipes I have been eating as well as the times I do go out to new restaurants, the postings would be more sporadic but at least I would still be updating The ChinWag. I think if I can focus on the goal of writing and less on the number of hits I am getting then I might be able to make The ChinWag special again.

3 Responses to “Where Have I Been?”
  1. Clayton G. says:

    I am exited to see the new less often posts!! Plus, I am pretty you still eat out a couple times a month and would love to see these, maybe it more on the meal and not the place as you will try new things at places you have been to before. Loving the new post!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m excited to read your posts again! My thought is to do a recipe we make every other post. We have lots of things we eat on a regular basis. I think that way it will help with how often you eat out. 🙂

  3. The ChinWag says:

    Hey thanks guys 🙂 I figure it is better to post sometimes than not at all. Of course I decided to start this right as I go back onto a healthy eating kick. I had already kicked around the idea of posting recipes, just need to figure out how I want to handle that.

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