Gloria’s Little Italy

Gloria's Little Italy

Gloria's Little Italy

Gloria’s Little Italy is an authentic Italian restaurant near University Avenue and Center Street in Provo.  This small trattoria had gone unnoticed by me for some time but one night while walking to our car we stumbled by and decided to pop in and grab a cannoli, the people were so friendly and the pastries we so good that we knew we would have to return for a dinner visit.

Bruschetta AppetizerWritten mostly in Italian, the Menu at Gloria’s Little Italy can be both confusing and a little fun.  Our waitress was very friendly and helped us understand the menu, she recommended some meals and then took down our orders. We started with a tasty bruschetta appetizer, it was amazingly fresh but also it was a little too much tomato for my liking, my wife loved it though.  For my entrée I ordered the Pollo Marsala, the way they serve it is sautéed with portobello and porcini mushrooms in a creamy marsala wine sauce, sounded good and sounded different from my usually order when I eat Italian so I decided to give it a go.  Our food was brought out relatively quickly for how packed the restaurant was.  My Pollo Marsala was awesome, the chicken was tender and the mushrooms and sauce really exploded with flavor, the meal tasted creamy and buttery in a good way.  The meal was huge, I made it about half way through it before I asked for a box, I think my wife and I could have just ordered one entrée and split it between the two of us.  I might have been able to power through the huge plate of chicken and past but I had to make sure I kept room for dessert.

For dessert, I ordered the fuochi d’artificio, a white and chocolate cake filled with rich nutella and Italian cream.  I am normally not a big fan of cake but this one is amazing, then again I love Nutella so maybe that had something to do with it.  The cake is surprisingly light and fluffy, with a rich, sinfully sweet filling that just melts in your mouth.  This cake alone could bring me back for repeat visits, but as a bonus, the rest of their food is great too so I can go for the cake and know that I will be getting a great meal as well.  I am a fan of Gloria’s Little Italy and I will go back, I hope to see you there 🙂

Note:  The wait time at Gloria’s Little Italy on a Friday night can be brutal, but they take reservations so a little planning can go a long way.

Gloria’s Little Italy:

The ChinWag Visited Gloria’s Little Italy At:
1 East Center Street, Suite 100
Provo, UT 84606

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