Buster Burger

Buster Burger

Buster Burger

Update: Buster Burger closed it’s doors in 2011 to the shock and sadness of the many loyal customers.

Recently on a lunch trip, a group of us stumbled across a new Burger Joint in South Jordan curiously named Buster Burger.  That first trip in was a little scary, it was close to empty during what would normally be the lunch rush.  We looked around and a friend pointed out the odd decoration theme that seemed to cover many different styles, graffiti on one wall, a fireplace on another, a chain-link fence art piece, this place could turn out to be fun.

Walking up to the register we noticed that the menu was small, not that small menus bother me, you can accomplish a lot with a small focused menu.  The basic options are a single or a double, select your toppings and add bacon or pineapple if you wish, add to that some fries and a drink and lunch is served.  One of the fun/quirky aspects of Buster Burger is that they have a “Theme of the Day”.  The “Theme of the Day” is a question and the answer you give is how they call out your order when it is ready.  The theme for my second trip into Buster’s was my favorite so far, what is your favorite horror movie.  I gave it a lot of thought and had fun discussing in line some of the horror movies I had seen when it hit me, Troll 2, hands down best ever and the fact that it was shot in Utah with a large Utah cast makes it that much better.

Buster Burger Food

Faces are pixelated... well just because I think it is fun

I ordered a burger and fries and sat down, my order was called pretty quickly after that and I picked up my food and went to the spice and sauce selection.  Buster Burger has a lot of different spices and sauces to choose from so that you can adorn the burger to your liking, I rocked the old classic and just put fry sauce on my burger, but next time I want to try the teriyaki sauce on a burger with pineapple.  The burger itself was very tasty, it was thick and cooked perfectly, the toppings (lettuce and grilled onions) tasted extremely fresh, but the bun is where Buster stands out.  Buster is provided with fresh buns daily by Dunford Bakery and you can really tell, each bite into the hamburger just exudes the taste of freshly baked bread.  I think the bun is the silent killer at most burger joints, if you get a bun that is too big then the flavor of the meat is drowned out, if you get one that is to small or thin it gets soggy and usually slides completely off the burger leaving you with a mess of disfigured burger parts, you don’t always think about the importance of the bun but it is critical.

Buster Burger provides a fun atmosphere with great food at a reasonable price, especially if you visit on Free Fry Friday when you could get a whole meal for around $5.  So swing by and give it a shot, let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to hear what “Theme” they had for you on your visit.

Buster Burger:

The ChinWag Visited Buster Burger At:
1078 West 10600 South
South Jordan, UT 84095

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