DP Cheesesteaks

DP Cheesesteaks

DP Cheesesteaks

It must be fall, the weather is cooling down, football is taking up my weekends, and Cheesesteaks are calling to me.  I can go 8 months without thinking about a cheesesteak sandwich and then when August rolls around, they are all I can think about for lunch on the weekends.

DP Cheesesteaks has been around Utah for a few years, I have been to a couple of their locations and have enjoyed the cheesesteaks at both. Some people pointed out that my last cheesesteak review was missing one thing, Cheese Wiz. I was told that a cheesesteak reataurant is only pretending if they don’t serve a cheesesteak with Wiz. Well, DP Cheesesteaks delivers, for both the fans and the haters of Cheese Wiz. With 10 cheesesteak sandwiches to choose from it isn’t difficult to find the perfect sandwich for you, they have one with mushrooms, one with cream cheese, another with garlic seasoning, yes you have a lot of choices, and if you don’t like beef they even have the option to make any sandwich with chicken instead.

DP Cheesesteaks - Mushroom Pepper SteakI have tried a few of the sandwiches but my favorite so far is the Mushroom Pepper Steak, incorporating my love of Mushrooms and Bell Peppers with steak and provolone cheese, adding a little hot sauce gives it that extra kick to bring all the flavors home. The ingredients always taste fresh and the sandwiches are large, I can usually order the 6 inch and feel perfectly satisfied when I have finished.  The bread each sandwich is served on is soft, fluffy, and easy to bite into, but still can hold up to the weight of the steak and vegetables.  Every ingredient that makes up the sandwich feels and tastes like a lot of thought was put into each individual aspect of the sandwich, try a DP Cheesesteak and you will know what I am talking about.

With a fun atmosphere, nice restaurants, and great food, I suggest you take a trip into DP Cheesesteaks, I think they are some of the best I have had. I would be interested to hear from anybody that has tried them as well as actually tried a cheesesteak in Philladelphia, let me know in the comments, does it come close?

DP Cheesesteaks:

The ChinWag Visited DP Cheesesteaks At:
933 West 500 North
American Fork, UT 84003

3 Responses to “DP Cheesesteaks”
  1. Derick says:

    Yeah I checked this place out just yesterday in Provo, it is the bomb! The whiz is what makes this place great. Others have tried it, but only the DP has seem to get it right. I’ll be back!

  2. Jacob says:

    Yeah I love DP Cheesesteaks! Ever since they have come to Provo I have been eating cheesesteaks multiple times a week! Great deal! Cheesesteaks are HUGE!

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