Yoshi’s Japanese Grill

Yoshi's Japanese Grill

Yoshi's Japanese Grill

Update: Yoshi’s Japanese Grill quietly closed sometime in the last two years. I believe there are other locations still open.

I started going to Yoshi’s a few years back and always found the food to be tasty and perfect for lunch.  A Japanese restaurant that serves mainly rice bowls and sushi, it is hard to go in and not find a dish that suits your tastes.  The prices are relatively low, the dining area is nice, and the service is pretty quick.

Teriyaki Chicken & VegetablesWhen I first started frequenting Yoshi’s I was on a big sushi kick, opting to order multiple sushi rolls and not much else, but as the sushi cravings subsided I started looking for alternatives.  What I found was great!  The rice bowls at Yoshi’s are simple, filling and yet easy on the stomach.  My last trip in I think I found my new favorite, the meal that will have me going out of my way to get back to Yoshi’s, the Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables with a side order of the Tempura Shrimp.  The meat and vegetable are not overloaded onto the rice but give you just enough that you can get a good mix throughout the entire meal.  The teriyaki sauce is not too sweet and has a bit of a salty flavor which I think goes nicely for a lunch meal.

I have stopped ordering the sushi but I can tell you that it tastes good, it is priced right, and the have a decent selection of rolls.  The best part about the sushi in my opinion is that it goes great with the rice bowls, making it more of a side than the actual entree.  Maybe you like that, maybe you don’t, but it is a refreshing change to the usual either/or of some of the other Japanese/Sushi Restaurants.

I will note that I almost stopped going to Yoshi’s a couple trips ago due to the wait time, it was worse then I had ever seen it and I was in line for 15 minutes and had to wait another 15 minutes for my food, the food is good but not that good.  The reason I am reviewing Yoshi’s is because they seem to have fixed the problem and on my last trip in things were moving smoothly.

Yoshi’s Japanese Grill:

The ChinWag Visited Yoshi’s At:
121 East 12300 South
Draper, UT 84020

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