Water Moon

Water Moon

Water Moon

Water Moon is marketed as an Asian Fusion restaurant, I actually think that is a better good way to describe it considering you can order Chinese, Japanese, or Sushi.  Upon first visiting Water Moon I didn’t have high hopes, it shares a strip-mall with a grocery store and doesn’t look like much from the outside.

Sesame ChickenI entered not exactly sure what to expect, I was seated promptly and handed 3 separate menus.  The 3 menus at first seemed like a bad oman, a place so unorganized it couldn’t even perfect a single menu but I quickly realized that the reason for the separation was due to the 3 different types of food they serve.  I quickly scanned for my favorite Chinese Dish and looked into the options available to me.  I settled on the Sesame Chicken Bento Box which comes with fried rice, pot stickers, and a salad.  The only think disappointing when I ordered was the lack of dressing for the salad, they had ranch or a ginger dressing I would have liked something a little more exotic.  The food was brought out quickly and I eyed the meal and paid close attention to the rice, you can usually tell a lot about the quality of your meal by the look of the fried rice, in my experience the darker the fried rice the more grease and syrupy flavoring find its way into your entree.  As luck would have it the fried rice looked perfect as did the Sesame Chicken.  Now looks can be deceiving but at Water Moon the food was as good as it looked, the Sesame Chicken was nicely flavored, sweet but not too sweet, it had a nice crunch from the breaded outside and the rice blended well with the chicken.  I was most surprised by the Pot Stickers, they tasted great and I thought it was smart that they offered a couple of them in the Bento Box.

I will be making many trips back to Water Moon at lunch and I must say it was a great meal for the money, the whole trip with tip came in under $10.  A nice lunch in an unexpected location.

Water Moon:

The ChinWag Visited Water Moon At:
129 East 13800 South, Suite AA-A5
Draper, UT 84020

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