Beyond Glaze

Beyond Glaze

Beyond Glaze

Anybody who has known me since my childhood understands that my all-time favorite “food” is the donut.  One summer in my childhood I think I picked up donuts for breakfast 4-5 times every week, in fact my brother to this day has a hard time eating donuts because I burned him out on them that summer.  This love of donuts leads to two problems, let’s skip over the health issue and talk about the second problem, the lack of donut shops in Utah.

Let me explain something to you native utahns, we have very few donut shops in our state, Smith’s, Walmart, Harmon’s, and other stores like that are not really donut shops, they don’t count.  A donut shop should serve three things, donuts, muffins, and coffee, anything more than that and the donut quality will suffer.  I will review donut shops from time to time but I will only post about “real” donut houses.

Maple & Bacon and Blueberry DonutsBeyond Glaze is a “real” donut shop, the twist though is that they specialize in fancy donuts.  You don’t wander into Beyond Glaze and order a Maple Donut, because they have too many variations.  I have been a couple of times now and have tried the Maple & Bacon, the Blueberry, and the Raspberry Cheesecake donuts.  The Maple & bacon is a legendary donut that I have heard of many times before but until I found Beyond Glaze their hadn’t been a specialty donut shop that would serve that odd sounding yet tasty treat.  The Maple & Bacon was much better than I was expecting, the salty and sweet combination was just delightful, and the Blueberry donut was the best I have ever had of that flavor.  They have many combinations that you might not have tried on a donut before, so I recommend easing yourself in because the donuts I have tried are rich and very sugary.  The donuts are a bit on the expensive side but I don’t really see this as the type of place to pick up a few dozen to share at the office, these are the type of donuts that you buy one at a time as a desert or pick up a dozen to impress your friends.

While I love the donuts at Beyond Glaze I knock it down a few pegs only because I am not a fancy donut fanatic, I like the classics and I like them done right.  Just because Beyond Glaze is not at the top of my favorite donut spots does not mean I won’t return, one of the big plusses is that they are open until 5pm or 6pm during the week, most other places close early and run out of donuts even earlier, makes it hard when I have a 45 minute drive ahead of me.

Beyond Glaze:

The ChinWag Visited Beyond Glaze At:
177 West 12300 South
Draper, UT 84020

5 Responses to “Beyond Glaze”
  1. Cheryl says:

    They sound good!! How about you bring some home with you tonight!!!! I could really go for the apple crisp. or blueberry. mmmmm

  2. DH Sundwall says:

    That’s one thing I noticed about Utah since moving back here a few years ago; is that there are not a lot of regular donut shops. What happened to Winchell’s and the others? Back east the grocery stores had much better bakeries and donut stores everywhere (i.e. Dunkin’ Donuts).

    Any recommendations?

    • The ChinWag says:

      So far I have tried a few places (other than Beyond Glaze) I can recommend:

      Banbury Cross Donuts (SLC)
      My Sugar’s Donut Shopp (West Valley)
      Nigh-Time Donuts (Tooele)
      Tasty’s Donuts (Used to eat often but I am not sure if they are around anymore, if anybody knows of a Tasty’s let me know)

  3. DH Sundwall says:

    Yeah, I thought Tasty’s had disappeared too since I had been gone.

    I knew of Banbury and there is Dunford’s too. Strange that the valley has so few choices.

    Thanks for the reply.

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