If you have followed my blog much you know that I am always up to try a new Burger joint.  A few month’s ago one of my friends told me that they had recently seen the opening of a Scaddy’s in Lehi, now I spend a lot of time in Utah County so I figured I would drop by and see what it was all about.  I was actually a little surprised I had not seen the restaurant before considering I had driven that street many times, that is until I saw the location.  Scaddy’s in Lehi is one of those combo restaurants and shares a kitchen with Taco Time and is based out of a gas station, not really a prime location but if the food is good I don’t really care what type of a building they are serving out of.

Scaddy's Bacon BurgerI ordered the Scaddy Bacon Burger, which is kind of like their signature burger, except with the addition of bacon.  The burger itself is good, the ingredients were pretty fresh tasting and it was cooked well.  The Scaddy burger comes with the Scaddy sauce which tastes similar to fry sauce but is a little tangier.  The fries are average with nothing that jumps out at me.  The only real gripe I would have is that the bun they use for their burgers is really soft, to the point where the thing is falling apart just a couple bites in.  Other than that the food is fine and the service is ok as well.  Really if I could use one word to describe Scaddy’s that word would be “average”.  The food is fine but it does nothing to stand out, it is a crowded field and they need to find something to bring them to the top.

Do I recommend Scaddy’s?  I guess I would but location is a big part of that, if it is convenient then it is not a bad choice, but if you can swing by JCW’s, Parker’s, Five Guys, or Smashburger I think you would be better off ordering one of those burgers as I believe those are the best in Utah.


The ChinWag Visited Scaddy’s At:
1750 W Main
Lehi, UT 84043
801-906-0471 (SLC Location)

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