Koi (Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar)

Koi - Japanese Cuisine

Koi - Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

I have given a lot of thought to this weeks review and decided on a restaurant that I don’t hear many people discuss in Utah County, that restaurant in Koi. Slightly hidden in the parking lot of a Del Taco (I wish all my reviews could use that line ;)) sits Koi, a Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar. From the outside it appears to be a nice location and since American Fork lacks good Japanese food this place has some serious potential.

*I will admit up front that I have not yet tried their sushi as I seem to have burned out on that food many months ago and for some odd reason have not yet started craving it again, so this review will focus on the cooked portion of their menu.

Upon being seating I noticed it was somewhat crowded, the odd thing to me was the placement of the tables. The tables sit at awkward angles and are packed in a little close for my liking, I was bumped into a handful of times while I ate and it was usually by employees trying to navigate their way through the labyrinth they call a seating arrangement. The other thing that bothered me about the atmosphere was the fact that every table was covered in a disposable paper tablecloth, seeming very out of place in a Japanese restaurant but where it would have been more at home in a restaurant for wings or BBQ. Maybe I am being overly critical but I expected something a little more upscale, why sell a “Kobe” steak on something parents put down for kids while they eat. Hey, if I am being unfair let me know in the comments. Moving on, let me reiterate that this blog cares about the food first, so let’s get onto the portion of the review that speaks to the heart of The ChinWag.

I ordered the Gyoza to start, as I always do when I go out for Japanese food, and I must say it was pretty good, not over cooked, so it was tender and the pork had a nice flavor. Of course I spilled some sauce on the paper table cloth leaving a nice big splatter mark for the entire rest of my meal. (hey! I thought I was talking about the food now, let’s get back on topic)

Filet Mignon served with Asparagus and Tempura VegetablesFor the entree I ordered the Filet Mignon served with asparagus and tempura vegetables, the important part there was the sides because the menu didn’t portray an option of having those with any steak but specifically for the Filet Mignon so that was the selling point for me there. I wish I would have had more options available as to which sides went with which steak but I also didn’t bother to ask them to change it up so maybe that is a possibility. The steak was good, cooked just to my liking and it was as tender as you would expect. The house special honey teriyaki sauce gave a nice flavor to the meat and I thought complimented the entire meal nicely. This was one of the better steaks I have had at a Japanese restaurant and I look forward to trying it again

The Vegetables were great, crispy but just the right amount, with a wonderful taste. The asparagus was nice, cooked well and not drenched in butter or other flavor “enhancers”. The tempura was wonderful, but I have yet to meet a tempura I didn’t like. As I have said in many reviews before, this is a great spot for take-out but I am not sure if I will be dining in here again any time soon.

Koi – Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar:

The ChinWag Visited Koi At:
466 North 900 West, Suite C
American Fork, UT 84003

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