Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon

My wife and are decided to go out to dinner a few weekends ago and were trying to think of a new place to go.  Tucked away in Highland sits Blue Lemon, a restaurant that prides itself on its “pure clean food”.  Does that translate into a great dining experience?

Upon entering Blue Lemon I was a little surprised to find that it is not a menu and waiter type of establishment.  You stand in line to place an order at the register and then you take a seat and your food is brought to you, they dress it up a little so it doesn’t feel like you are in a fast food restaurant but still this fact alone rules it out as a place for a nice dinner out.  The reason this bothers me so much is because I feel that the type of food they serve leads me to expect and elegant dining experience, although because it is in Highland I guess this setting makes it more family friendly and therefor better suited for the area.  Enough of my ranting on expected dining experience, lets discuss the food.

Fiery Fish TacosThe food was great overall and I must admit it was nice to eat this type of food, tastes great and it is easy on the stomach.  I finished my meal and felt satisfied instead of stuffed, it was a welcome change of pace.  For an appetizer I ordered the Hummus Plate, a tasty dish but it is hard to miss with hummus.  For my entree I ordered the Fiery Fish Taco’s.  The fish tacos consisted of three types of seafood, shrimp, salmon, and mahi mahi which I thought went together nicely.  The smell alone of the fish tacos promised a wonderful meal.  It was a little odd eating fish tacos that didn’t taste a bit greasy and while the fish wasn’t as flavorful as I would have liked it was served with vegetables, a honey-chipotle citrus aioli, and a salsa which is what gave that extra flavor needed.

My overall feeling, I liked the meal and I think it will make a very nice summertime restaurant, really light and goes well with the warm weather.  One thing to note, I will likely be ordering take-out 😉

Blue Lemon:

The ChinWag Visited Blue Lemon At:
11073 N Alpine Hwy
Highland, UT 84003

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