Chester Fried

Chester Fried

Chester Fried

I have been holding off on this review for a while due to confusion with the name of the restaurant.  Whether you call it Chester Fried or Kevin’s Fried Chicken To Go one thing is for sure, they make some great fried chicken and the price is almost unbeatable.

Chester Chicken SandwichThe confusion with the name of this restaurant is apparent the moment you walk in, first off it is in a gas station and second you will see signs and billboards that make you wonder if there aren’t two difference chicken places in this one location.  After a lot of debate I have settled on calling in Chester Fried and there is nothing you can do to change my stance now.  Grabbing lunch at Kevin’s Fried Chicken To Go is usually pretty quick but the crowd usually appears to be construction workers so some days are more busy than others.  The most popular item at Chester Fried is probably the Chicken Sandwich, put it in a combo and it will run you only about $5.50.  The sandwich at Kevin’s is made up of a very light and tasty bread, with mayo and Ranch dressing, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, jalapenos, and chicken tenders.  I do order the sandwich on occasion but I most enjoy the Chicken Tenders straight up with some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, brought from home because I have yet to find a restaurant that has this particular brand of BBQ sauce available to its patrons, its a shame since Sweet Baby Ray’s makes everything taste magical.  Chester Fried might not be the most high class establishment but if you frequent The ChinWag you know it is about the food first and the surroundings second.  Kevin’s serves other types of chicken, burritoes, and even biscuits and gravy that I hear good things about but I have not yet pried myself away from the tenders and sandwich to explore the other half of their menu.  Chester Fried is open for lunch but I believe closed for dinner, the best time to get their is just a few minutes before noon.

So the question is, do I recommend Kevin’s Chester Fried Chicken To Go, you bet I do!  Two thumbs up for the little chicken joint facing off against the big boys.  The food is greasy, the food is comforting, and the food is abundant.

Chester Fried:
Let’s not even pretend I know which website would belong to this restaurant

The ChinWag Visited Chester Fried At:
524 West 4500 South
Murray, UT 84123

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