Spoon Me

Spoon Me

Spoon Me

In preperation of summer why not have a post on a nice summer treat?  I have never been the biggest fan of Ice Cream but I do love Frozen Yogurt.  One of my favorite places to get Frozen Yogurt is Spoon Me, with 7 locations and 4 more on the way they are starting to pop up all over Utah and even in a couple of out of state locations, I try to visit the St. George location whenever I am down there.

Fresh IngredientsKeeping with the current trend of environment friendly products, Spoon Me uses “green” supplies for their spoons and cups and serves healthier options to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Each serving is fat free and contains under 85 calories, normally that scares me away but I actually like the taste despite the healthy aspect 😉  The natural flavors of the fruit toppings adds the sweetness and the Acai berry yogurt flavor really gives this dessert some zip.  There are some other places doing a similar thing right now but none I have been to do it with the same level of fun and fresh ingredients.  The locations are always nice and very modern, the company employs friendly workers, and they always have things going on through Twitter and other social networking sites.  The price is reasonable and the yogurt delicious, I recommend dropping by and giving it a shot.  They have locations in plenty of Utah cities, use their website to find the closest Spoon Me.

Spoon Me:

The ChinWag Visited Spoon Me At:
Pineview Plaza 2376 Red Cliffs Drive
St George, UT

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