I am new to the Smashburger chain, the first I really heard about it was a few weeks ago but I knew I had to try it.  I love trying burger joints as you can maybe tell by my previous posts so when a new place comes into town and I start hearing good things I try to make the time to swing by.  Smashburger has 5 locations across the state and many more scattered around the country, so I am finding it a little easier than expected to drop by and get a burger.  Due to my love of the greasy patty known as a hamburger, it is stacked up against a host of other restaurants that have long held my stomach hostage, lets talk about Smashburger and see how is rates.

Beehive SmashburgerSmashburger serves specialty hamburgers and use a method of smashing the burger on the grill to sear the meat and seal in the flavors, I have never tried this myself but I must say it has me curious, this is of course also how they came up with their name.  Boasting a menu with 6 different burger combinations plus a “Create-Your-Own” option, you really end up with a good variety.  One of the things I really like about the menu is that they have a specialty burger for each state, here in Utah we have a burger specific for us, the Beehive Smashburger.  The Beehive Smashburger has bacon, cheese, Honey BBQ Sauce, and Haystack Onions, a winning combination in my book.  I am just glad they had the sense not to try serving a hamburger covered with funeral potatoes and ham, who knows maybe they would have if there was a way to make jello stack on a bun 😉  I ordered the Beehive Smashburger and I must say that it is an extremley tasty burger, I loved it!  The flavors of the BBQ sauce and onions go so well with the spices on the burger, and the cheese was a nice switch up with the flavors, really brought it all together.  Another great thing with this menu are the sides, most places give you fries or onion rings but no other options, at Smashburger you can get Fries, salad, haystack onions, chilli, fried veggies, or the Smashfries, a nice combo of fries tossed in olive oil and herbs, flavorful enough to make me skip the fry sauce.

I plan on going back to Smashburger and I would recommend it to any of you burger fiends out there, one warning, it is a little pricey, expect to spend $10+ but it is worth it if you are craving a big juicy burger.  The food is served quickly and the workers are very friendly.  As for where I would rank Smashburger, I currently have it at 3rd on my list of burgers but if all my trips are this extraordinary it might start moving up the list.


The ChinWag Visited Smashburger At:
3513 South 2700 West
West Valley City, 84119

4 Responses to “Smashburger”
  1. Marie says:

    You know, a burger with funeral potatoes and ham on it might not be that bad! haha 🙂

  2. Stuart says:

    For a chain restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by Smash Burger. Your review nailed it, really tasty food but the prices are a bit steep. Those haystack onions are utterly addictive, and a heart attack waiting to happen 😉

    I think they missed a trick with the kitchen though, well at least at the Sugarhouse location I went to. That kitchen should be open to the public so you can see them smashing the burgers down on the grill. That would be fun!

  3. darmstrong says:

    I agree, since the smashing is such a selling point for them it would have been great if they gave the customer a view. Good call, we were actually talking about that the other day when we were in there.

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