European Pizza Deli M&A

European Pizza Deli M&A

On a tip from one of my friends I decided I had to take a trip into the European Pizza Deli M&A.  She had told me good things so I gathered a group of friends from work and we went looking for it.  The European Pizza Deli is in a small strip mall on Redwood Rd. and it was just a short jaunt from where I work.  The location can be a little easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled.

The European Pizza Deli has been open for just over two years and serves meals influenced from the country of Bosnia.  The owner runs the front register and is a friendly guy, the other workers I have spoke with there are also pleasant.  You can find a lot of new dishes to try on the menu and can be had for a reasonable price.  The meals are large and after a few trips we found that one of the best parts of each meal is the bread the entree is served on.

On my first trip I had the Gyro and the Ćevapi.  Ćevapi is a wonderful, sausage like, minced beef dish served on a couple of pieces of flat bread to give it the appearence of a large sandwich, not much to look at but it packs a seriously great taste.  The Gyro was good, I am not the biggest fan of Gyros but this was the best I have had and I think a large part of that is due to the bread, as I said, amazing.  On another trip I decided to try the M&A Pizza, the smallest size they have is a 12″ so hopefully you are splitting it with somebody, I tried to conquer it solo and failed miserably.  The M&A Pizza is topped with Gyro meat, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, and the best cheese I have ever sampled on a Pizza made in America

If you are in to trying new foods and are in the Salt Lake Area I highly recommend the European Pizza Deli M&A, great food for a reasonable price and a nice quiet atmosphere.  Also good for those of you not so adventurous people, while the food is different the tastes are not overpowering, order pizza or a Gyro, you can’t go wrong.

The ChinWag Visited European Pizza Deli M&A At:
2850 South Redwood Rd
Suite A3
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

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