Moki’s Hawaiian Grill

Moki's Hawaiian Grill

Maybe its because I have spring fever but for the last little while I have been on a Hawaiian food kick.  I have driven by Moki’s dozens of times over the past few years but had never stopped in, not sure why exactly but it is what it is.  A few weeks back I decided to give it a shot and I was pleased with my decision.  Upon walking in I was greeted with an Aloha, the woman at the register was very friendly and helped me decide what to order.  She talked with me for a bit and asked me if I had been in before, she was a very friendly and genial person, it made my visit that much better.  The atmosphere is fun but not overly cluttered and they have a decent amount of seating available to you.  I placed my order then went to look around, I found a board with notes written by customers, they seem to have a very loyal following and I always like that about restaurants.  My food was ready much faster than I expected.

I have been to Moki’s twice and on my first visit I ordered a combo plate with the Teriyaki Chicken and the Kalua Pork, two of my favorites, served with rice and a salad of my choice.  I went with the Hawaiian salad, a mix of chicken, cabbage, noodles, almonds, and Moki’s dressing.  It was a very sweet salad and the overall taste and quality of it impressed me.  The Teriyaki Chicken was great, very tender and with a lot of flavor, this is my favorite so it was important to me that it was so tasty.  The Kalua pork was the best I had tasted outside of a luau, fresh tasting with just the right amount of salt.  I find the salt to be one of the most important aspects of kalua pork, if you don’t get it just right it is very noticeable.

My second trip to Moki’s I decided to get another combo plate and check out the other meat and salad options, this time I went for the Katsu Chicken, Teriyaki Beef, and the Macaroni salad.  I have nothing bad to say about the salad as it was what I expected, good but didn’t stand out from other macaroni salads I have had.  The Katsu Chicken is a breaded chicken option, very tasty and I think this would be a big hit for all of the chicken tender fans, it comes with a tangy sauce that packs a punch.  The Teriyaki Beef was good but it is hard for me to get excited about teriyaki beef in general, I liked it but nothing about it jumped out and slapped me in the face, that is what I would need to make a big deal about it.

All in all I think Moki’s might be my favorite Hawaiian Grill I have tried so far, great food and great service, what more could you ask for?  The food is reasonably priced, it is on par with most other Hawaiian Grills, and dining in or take-out is quick and easy.  If you like Hawaiian food I suggest you try Moki’s, I know I will be going back.

Moki’s Hawaiian Grill:

The ChinWag Visited Moki’s At:
4836 South Redwood Rd.
Taylorsville, UT

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