Wing Coop

The Wing Coop

Call me a chicken wing novice if you must, but up until just a few months ago I had never ventured outside of the Buffalo and BBQ wing arena.  Enter The Wing Coop, I now understand how much I was missing out on.  With thirteen different house sauces, not counting the four spice levels of Buffalo sauce, they have a lot of flavors to choose from, starting with the mild Teriyaki and building its way up to the “Eleven”.  I have visited the “Eleven” only once before, a single bite, plus that fateful eye rub before washing my hands, and it was more than I could imagine anybody being able to handle.  In my most recent trips to The Wing Coop I have ordered the Cañonero and the Confucius sauces with my wings.  The Cañonero has a nice Chipotle flavor spice without being overpowering with heat and the Confucius is a mild spice with a sweet flavor.  Neither should get your heart racing but have a great taste, a nice entry into the wing world for those of us not ready to jump to the “Eleven”.

With a sauce as spicy as the “Eleven”, you had better believe they take attempts seriously.  The “Eleven” Challenge is a contest sure to test even the most steel stomached of you thinking you can step up.  To complete the challenge you must eat “Eleven” wings with the “Eleven sauce in “Eleven” minutes, you must wait the entire eleven minutes before you can have a drink and get your picture on the wall.  I have seen the challenge completed once, on video, and been witness to the red faced, sweat inducing, marathon that has literally left sauce burns on cheeks and tongues begging for mercy.  It was a lot of fun to see but couldn’t have been much fun to have been apart of.

I visit The Wing Coop on Redwood Rd. and on Monday’s they have 50 cent wings, meaning you can get ten wings with two different sauces, fries, and a soda for about ten bucks, not a bad deal.  The restaurant is a little crowded with Utah trinkets and Ski gear posted all over the wall, actually makes for a nice feel to sit down a grub some wings.  The wait has a tendency to be a bit longer than one might expect but it is not crazy and the location can get a little busy especially for larger groups, so get there a bit early, stock pile some paper towels and dig in.

The Wing Coop:

The ChinWag Visited The Wing Coop At:
4095 South Redwood Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
801-974-WING (9464)

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