Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution


The American Food Revolution needs to start now! If you care about your country and the health of its children please help us make a difference. We need your support to get people back in touch with food and keep cooking skills alive before it’s too late. We want to make sure every kid gets good, fresh food at school. It’s proven that real food promotes more effective learning. If you want better health for your kids the junk food must go. I need to be able to show The President and industry how many of you out there really care about this issue so please don’t wait, sign up today. It will only take 30 seconds.

America’s health needs you!

Thank you. Please forward this to your friends, family, classmates, teachers, colleagues and anyone else who you think cares as time is short.

-Message from Jamie, copied from JamieOliver.com


I just wanted to share my experience and feelings about school lunch, health education, and my fear for my children’s health as they get older and start entering the public school system.

I was a healthy kid (at least as far as weight was concerned), I played outdoors a lot and was very active in sports.  I never had a weight issue even though both my parents were overweight as I grew up.  In our house we didn’t discuss health or choices that needed to be made concerning food, we ate McDonald’s and lots of it.  So as I look back I can see the lessons I was learning, eat food, anything I want, and my activity level will take care of the extra calories.

I took lunch through almost all of Elementary School, my issues with School Lunch really surfaced when I got to Jr. High.  Talk about a firestorm, I stepped into this new school and quickly found that the regular food lines had horrible tasting foods, looking back I realize that they weren’t the healthiest of options anyway.  I did find that some of my favorites were available to me in the “junk food line”, Nachos, Cinnamon Rolls, Donuts, etc. etc. etc.  For those days when the “junk food line” didn’t sound appetizing I could hit up any one of the many junk food laden vending machines.  I started gaining weight quickly, it didn’t help that Jr. High is when I first lost recess, the place where I shed the unneeded calories playing kickball, basketball, soccer, or just running around like a kid.

I kept up this habit of eating junk food and exercising less and less and quickly fell into feeling that I was overweight, as my self confidence started to slide so did my feeling that I could do anything about it.  The weight piled on until I entered High School weighing about 160lbs, the trend continued and even got worse as I was able to start leaving the school and visit fast food joints for lunch.  I ended 10th grade 35lbs heavier than when I started, little of it having anything to do with muscle.  My self confidence was at an all-time low and I ended up more or less floating through High School both in terms of health and work ethic, my grades were down, my activities were down, and I was consuming more and more unhealthy food everyday.

I am currently overweight and trying my hardest to get healthy, I am learning about healthy eating choices and am trying to exercise daily.  I have a long road ahead of me but I know I can accomplish it.  I now fear for my 2 young children, neither are in school yet but the time will come where my fears will be brought home.  I only hope I can get healthy to become an example for them, I hope I can teach them about health and food choices, I hope they will be strong enough to stand up to the constant temptations that will be thrown at them through the years they will spend in our public school system.

-Dave from TheChinWag

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