Moochie’s Meatballs & More

Moochie's Meatballs & More

Moochie’s Meatballs & More is actually two neighboring buildings, one for ordering and a few tables for eating, and the other building is just a few tables.  On my first visit I quickly realized why they needed the extra seating, the line at Moochie’s goes out the door during the lunch rush.  The line moves fast and they expect you to be ready with your order when it is your turn, limit your questions and take care of business.  The space is cramped but it really fits the atmosphere, don’t expect a quiet relaxing lunch, it is fast paced and a little noisy, but like I said, it actually adds to the experience.

I have been to Moochie’s on two different occasions so I took the opportunity to order their two specialties, the Philly Cheese Steak and the Meatball Sub.  The Philly Cheese Steak was good, great tasting steak and the added peppers were a nice addition but the one problem I had with it was the cheese, it was American and pretty creamy so while it was similar to the traditional Whiz, I am not really a fan of American Cheese on my Cheese Steaks, I don’t really hold that sandwich against them, it is my personal taste that doesn’t agree with the ingredients.  On the second trip I got the Meatball Sub and I must say, it was awesome, the meatballs were so fresh and flavorful and they were huge, I had to eat the sandwich with a fork because I couldn’t figure out how to eat it without dumping half of it down the front of my shirt, I like that in a sandwich.

The portion size in general is very large, the 12″ subs seem closer to 18″, I ordered the 6″ on both visits and was happy I did so.  Moochies has won multiple awards for their sandwiches and I can see why, great food, great ingredients, and a fun atmosphere that feels unlike any other Utah sandwich shop I have eaten at.  If you are a fan of sandwiches then this place is a must.

Moocie’s Meatballs & More:

The ChinWag Vistited Moochie’s Meatballs & More At:
232 East 800 South
Salt Lake City, UT
801-596-1350 or 801-364–0232

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