Beto's in Saratoga Springs

The bad thing about reviewing Beto’s is that many of you have already tried this restaurant yourself, but the fun part is that you likely have your own opinions, feel free to share in the comments section. That being said, let’s jump in.

Beto’s can be found throughout Salt Lake and Utah County and serves some of the better burritos for a Mexican Food chain restaurant. One of my favorite things to grab at Beto’s are their breakfast burritos, they have a few options as far as the meat is concerned and all the ingredients taste extremely fresh, but the real kicker is the size of these behemoths. For around $4 you can get a burrito with some serious heft to it, when you go to Beto’s you get a good amount of food  for your dollar.  Just check out that picture, and I have a pretty good size bite!  They have other menu items to choose from but you can’t go wrong with any of the burritos or combination plates.  Every time I have visited the food has been great, they use well-prepared ingredients and they cook to order.  The tortillas are a little on the thin side for my liking but they hold up very well.  Most Beto’s are open late or 24 hours making it perfect for those times you get a jonesin’ for a burrito at 4 am… come on, don’t pretend like that has never happened to you, we have all been there.

As I mentioned Beto’s is a chain so you have the advantage of a lot of locations and that means you likely have one in or near your city. If you are looking for some Mexican food you could find better places but I rank this as definitely better than the national chains (Taco Bell, Dell Taco, Green Burrito, etc.) but not quite at the level of some of the more authentic mexican fare, taco carts, or even the cars dealing burritos from their trunk that you can find cruising around the valley.  Beto’s is in a similar position as Bajio or Cafe Rio but it feels and tastes more authentic, more about the food and less about the gimmicks.  If you want quick and tasty mexican food stop by your nearest Beto’s.

The ChinWag Visited Beto’s At:
On Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs

2 Responses to “Beto’s”
  1. steve says:

    what can I say? Beto’s is the bees knees. I could eat there at least 3-5 times a day. Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner-lunch, and then dinner. Good post… I don’t suggest the shrimp platter, but if you’re feeling like being a fatty, then go for the fries.

  2. Petro says:

    Agree with every word! I like Texano, California, and Chicken burritoes))

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