Pazzo Vita

Petrone's Pazzo Vita: Deli, Espresso Bar & Catering

This little deli serves up some seriously good eats in an area of Taylorsville that isn’t really known for its dining. I have worked in the area for the last 7 years and, until recently, have never had decent food within walking distance from my office. That changed a while back when Pazzo Vita moved into town. Serving a variety of menu items ranging from salads to burgers to Sandwiches (Hot or Cold), it is quite easy to find a meal to your liking.

Having eaten at Pazzo Vita a handful of times and have tried a few of the menu items, I enjoy their burgers, the bacon cheeseburger is one of the best I have had served out of a deli, just be prepared for a big mess. The last two menu items I have had from here were the Grilled Chicken Breast Sub and the Spicy Chicken Breast Sandwich w/fries, both are excellent choices but I really favor the Spicy Chicken, it is a moist chicken breast battered in something that tastes similar to a buffalo sauce, it has the perfect amount of kick for a simple lunch.

I am a big fan of ordering the fires because I think they have an amazing Fry Sauce, I recommend it to all you Fry Sauce aficionados out there.  On a side note I hear that they serve a mean breakfast but I haven’t tried it yet.

The service is great but the place can get a bit crowded at lunch time, it is filled with mostly a business crowd so you don’t end up with to many people dawdling so table turnover isn’t too bad.

This is a place I would recommend for a good lunch at a decent price, so next time you are in Taylorsville you should check it out.  Tell them Dave sent you, not sure why you would do that though since they wouldn’t have any idea what you were talking about 😉

Pazzo Vita Deli:

The ChinWag Visited Pazzo Vita At:
4546 South Atherton
Taylorsville, UT 84123

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