Village Pizza

Village Pizza

There are not a lot of places to eat in Eagle Mountain, UT, but there is an eatery that is worth the trip out there.  I am talking about Village Pizza located in The Ranches.  This little Pizzeria is a throw back to the golden age of pizza, the 80’s.  It is small, they have a lot of choices, and it just feels like you have been transported back 15-20 years, minus the pinball machines and arcade games.

Pizza Box Art

The atmosphere is nice, a handful of tables, customer created pizza box art hanging on the walls, and the menu written on a large chalkboard.  How often to you see that kind of a restaurant nowadays, huh.  I thought the old family pictures on the walls added a nice touch as well.  This place really goes for the neighborhood feel and I think they nailed it, not overly busy but not plain, it is really inviting.  They have a decent sized menu and the prices are very reasonable.  My wife and I looked through the menu and settled on a Philly Pizza, which was as it sounds, a Philly cheesesteak pizza, minus the cheese wiz 😉  We both thought it was great, wonderful tasting crust, thick but not too much and the toppings were fresh and easy to eat.  This wasn’t just a pizza with sandwich toppings, it was like the toppings had been modified specifically for the pizza, made it very easy to eat slices without dumping toppings all down the front of my shirt.

Philly Pizza

Overall the food was awesome, the ambiance was welcoming, the employees were helpful, and I would recommend Village Pizza to anybody in the Eagle Mountain area or to those of you adventurous folks just looking to try a new place.

The ChinWag Visited Village Pizza At:
3545 Ranches Pkwy
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

2 Responses to “Village Pizza”
  1. Cheryl says:

    Can we get pizza again soon? I really want more of those delicious cinnamon sticks!!

    You always make me want to eat whatever you write about!!!!

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