Banbury Cross Donuts

Banbury Cross Donuts

So this is a first for me, this time it is not a restaurant review but it is a donut shop review.  I have always been a big fan of donuts and I have also always felt that Utah lacked when it comes to “good” donuts.  When I talk about “good” donuts I am not talking about your local Albertson’s or the Krispy Kremes, if you have ever had donuts from a small shop that sells nothing but donuts and coffee you know to what I speak.  Recently my brother-in-law and I got talking and we have decided to sample the local donut scene.

First up was going to be My Sugar’s Donut Shopp but do to some scheduling error’s, apparently they are not open on the weekends, we settled on a place called Banbury Cross Donuts.  My brother-in-law picked up a few dozen and brought them back to my house.  We will have to go with his word on the service because I didn’t actually go to this donut shop.  From what I was told the service wasn’t so hot, the guy running the counter didn’t seem to like the fact that he wasn’t there at dawn and that he didn’t have a huge preference as to which donuts he got.  I don’t always expect the best service at a donut shop but it is nice when the people running it are friendly.

So he brings them back to my place and we dive in.  Let me tell you, these donuts are amazing.  The sugar doesn’t overwhelm the senses as the bread swoops in and adds just the right balance.  The cake donuts are a bit heavy but soft and moist, just the way I like them.  The jelly filled donuts were the best my wife had ever tasted.  All in all, there was no mediocre donut in the batch.  When it comes to the Utah donut scene, Banbury Cross Donuts stands above the rest.

The ChinWag Visited Banbury Cross Donuts At:
705 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

One Response to “Banbury Cross Donuts”
  1. Petro says:

    Man, I drive by that shop every day now.
    We will most likely have some donuts in the office on Mon!))
    I’ll d-check the level of service there too)))

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