Pat’s BBQ

Pat's BBQ

Pat's BBQ

This is my second review of a BBQ joint and if you would have asked me 6 months ago I would have said that this was the best in Utah, while I don’t think that anymore I can truly say that Pat’s BBQ still serves a mean ‘Q.  Eating at Pat’s feels a little like a block party, picnic tables line the restaurant and rolls of paper towels stand on each table, never more than a BBQ sauce covered fingers reach away.  Depending on when you visit they have live Blue Grass music playing, the schedule doesn’t make sense to me so you are on your own with that one, you can find a schedule that constantly updates on their website.  It is not really my scene but some people really enjoy it, the music is usually pretty fun if not a little loud.  You might have seen Pat’s featured on the Utah edition of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, so you know this place is the real deal.

Couldn't stop eating to take a picture

Couldn't stop eating to take a picture

The food is great, you can find Ribs, Beef Brisket, Chicken, and the house specialty Burnt Ends to name a few.  The Burnt Ends is a Friday Only Special, and most believe it is the best item on the menu.  One thing to keep in mind about the Burnt Ends, they are no secret, so if you want them you better get there early and order fast before they are gone.  They have daily specials that rarely disappoint and they have some great sides to choose from as well, the Jambalaya and the baked beans are probably the most popular and their corn bread, served with most meals, sure is tasty.  They serve sodas as well as alcoholic beverages, and they have a nice selection of deserts as well.  Pat’s will also cater your party, you can either party at Pat’s and sit in a private area or if you have over 100 people in your party you can have Pat cook at your party for you.  Pat’s BBQ is open Monday-Wednesday from 11am-8pm, Thursday-Friday from 11am-3pm and 4pm-9pm, Saturday from Noon-9pm, and closed on Sunday.

Pat’s BBQ:

The ChinWag Visited Pat’s BBQ At:

155 West Commonwealth Avenue (2125 South)

South Salt Lake, UT 84115


6 Responses to “Pat’s BBQ”
  1. Marie Chavez says:

    So which place has your favorite bbq now if this one isn’t the best anymore? We are always looking for somewhere in utah with good bbq.

  2. darmstrong says:

    Kaiser’s BBQ on 9th South, food is great and the place is usually less crowded. I need to find some more BBQ joints to try but we don’t seem to have a ton around. Let me know if you have been to any good places.

    • marie chavez says:

      I should have just kept reading lol..I saw your post about Kaiser’s later. I was way excited to see 2 bbq places that we didn’t know about because we always see the shows on the food channel that are all about bbq and we always want to try some but they are always out of state! We have only been to Lon’s and the Smokehouse so i am excited to try these others. I did see a little bbq place in Springville where Brand X used to be, but i’m not sure if its still there.

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