Kaiser’s Barbecue

Kaiser's BBQ Signage

Kaiser's BBQ Signage

If you have looked around Salt Lake for a BBQ joint you have likely found Pat’s BBQ. Don’t get me wrong, Pat’s BBQ is good but I’ve found one that is better. Kaiser’s Bar B-Q brings real Texas BBQ to Utah, and does it in a wonderful atmosphere. Anybody that has been to Pat’s understands that they will likely have to yell to family and friends to be heard over the screaming bluegrass music, no problem here at Kaiser’s. While eating we were greeted by the owner and he even gave us a heads up that we could call in ahead of time for big groups to shorten the wait time. The smokers can be found outback and it is a site to see, BBQ aficionados fall in love at first site. The restaurant is also a general store and you can find art work everywhere. My favorite part about the scene is that they have two tables in a converted meat locker, nothing says BBQ better.

We were asked to make a plate

We were asked to make a plate

I ordered the 2-meat combo, selected the Brisket and Spare Ribs with Potato Salad and Pinto Beans on the side. One bite into the Brisket and you will be sold, it is as tender and flavorful as I have had in Utah, topped with just a bit of their BBQ Sauce it is mouth watering. As good as the Brisket is, I really think the secret is in the Ribs. These ribs are meaty and have just the right spice, not too spicy but just subtle enough to let you know it is there. The meat just falls into your mouth, none of that tugging and pulling that most Utah ribs require. I added BBQ sauce for the taste but it wasn’t even needed. These ribs are hands-down the best I have ever had! So for all you fans of Pat’s BBQ out there I urge you to try Kaiser’s, but be careful, you might have just had your last taste of Pat’s.

Kaiser’s Barbecue:

The ChinWag Vistied Kaiser’s Barbecue At:
962 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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