Ahh Sushi!

Sign outside of Ahh Sushi!

I have not always been a very big fan of sushi, in fact only recently I decided that I wanted to like it.  With a lot of foods I have had to force myself to eat it until I enjoy it, I actually take a lot of pride in a lot of the foods I have been able to start enjoying by will and determination.

A few of my friends are very big into sushi and they told me that the place to go in Salt Lake County in Ahh Sushi!  First thing to note, it is also a bar and due to Utah Liquor Laws Ahh Sushi! is a private club and you will either need to get a membership to eat there or like me go with a friend that is already a member and piggy back on their membership.  Ahh Sushi! is in the basement of a building, so descend the stairs and enter into a restaurant with the look and feel of a pub on one side and a sushi bar on the other.

We were seated at the Sushi Bar

We were seated at the Sushi Bar

We were seated at the sushi bar and our waitress gave us our menu’s, I will use the term waitress loosely because after being seated you will only see her ever 15 to 20 minutes for a drink refill, even when they are not busy.  We were seated directly in front of our sushi chef, James, and he handed us some slips of paper to write down our sushi orders.  Weekdays from 11am-2pm sushi rolls are half off, so we all ordered a few specialty rolls and waited for our orders to come up.  The wait wasn’t bad, especially considering we actually had 6 people in our group and only one chef.

I ordered the Playboy roll (tempura shrimp, tuna, avocado, cucumber with tobiko, spicy mayo & sweet eel sauce) and the Funky Charlie roll (tempura roll with tuna and spicy wasabi sauce), normally this would cost $23 but because it was half off rolls the price was very reasonable.
The Playboy roll was amazing, best sushi I have ever had.  The taste of fish was fresh but not overpowering, you could really taste all of the different flavors as if they were all separate and not rolled together.  It was a big roll and I probably could have stopped eating then, but I love tempura and that is the whole reason I ordered the next roll.  The Funky Charlie roll was pretty good, it was a little spicy for my taste, probably because I am not yet a huge fan of wasabi.  The roll itself was good and at the price I couldn’t imagine a better roll to order.

My meal, almost finished!

My meal, almost finished!

The only problem I really have with this restaurant is the waitress service, have fun trying to order anything but sushi if you are sitting at the bar, they do not usually ask what you want to eat.  Not all of the waitresses are this bad but it is really the luck of the draw, 50% of the time you will experience bad service. If you want to order something other than sushi I might suggest sitting at a table, maybe they are more attentive over there.  The drinks can be on the small side, especially the water, so ask for a few if you need a lot to drink.  I always order a soda with my water just so I don’t have to wait around, and even then I usually have to wait 5 or 10 minutes after finishing the water and soda before another refill comes my way.

Ahh Sushi!
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The ChinWag Visited Ahh Sushi! at:
22 East 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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