Iggy’s Sports Grill

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I decided to visit Iggy’s Sports Grill for dinner with a friend, I have been a couple of times before but it has been a while.  For those that haven’t been, Iggy’s is a typical “Sports Bar” but is obviously aimed at being family friendly.  You can order from a wide variety of different foods and you can watch sports on the multiple flat screens scattered around the restaurant, or just watch the massive screen that they have hanging from the ceiling.  They also serve alcohol but I do not drink so I can’t tell you much about that.

Jumbo Screen over the bar at Iggy's

Jumbo Screen over the bar at Iggy's

We were promptly greeted at the front of the restaurant and were seated at a table.  It wasn’t incredibly busy so they sat the two of us at a large booth, a nice touch considering many other restaurants would sit you at a small table even when it was not busy.  Our waitress came over and got our drink orders and told us she would give us a few minutes to look over the menu.  We took some time to look over the menu and then got to talking, also the MLB Home Run Contest was on the big screen so we got caught up in that. Our waitress came back over and asked if we were ready and we told her we weren’t and we were sorry but we hadn’t really been paying much attention to our menus.  She was very friendly and polite and told us it was no problem but asked if we wanted to put in any orders for an appetizer.  I like that we didn’t feel rushed even though we were coming up on the dinner rush if we weren’t careful.

Steak & Shrimp Dinner

Steak & Shrimp Dinner

For an appetizer I ordered the Pot Stickers, I have had them before on a previous trip to Iggy’s and loved them so much that time that it was partially the reason I chose this restaurant this night.  For my main course I ordered the Steak & Shrimp Dinner, a “baseball steak” wrapped in bacon and coconut shrimp.

My appetizer arrived and I must say that I was disappointed, the pot stickers were average and the only hope I still have for them is that they were only bad this time and the next time I go they will be great again.  The 6 pot stickers are served on a plate, they are almost on the crunchy side and are drizzled with a lite peanut sauce, this is strictly an American style restaurant so we are using a fork, no chop sticks available.
My meal arrived not too long after finishing my appetizer, again I apologize for the picture, this is my second post and I am at least getting a little better, I hadn’t completely finished my meal this time before taking a picture.  The steak was mediocre, nothing special to report.  I might blame the cut of meat considering I am not sure what part of the cow the “baseball steak” comes from.  The coconut shrimp was amazing, best I have had in Utah.  The only problem with the shrimp is that there was not enough of it, next time I am going to just order the coconut shrimp dinner and skip the steak.  The shrimp was deep fried in a coconut batter and was not as greasy as one would normally expect a deep fried dish, the coconut flavor was not too strong and did not overpower the shrimp taste.  The sides were not very good in my opinion, the vegetables were over-steamed for my liking and the mashed potatoes did not seem as fresh as I would expect from any place that isn’t fast food.
Overall my meal was alright, the service was wonderful and the experience was nice.  Would I recommend Iggy’s?  If you are a sports fan or a big fan of coconut shrimp you should check it out, but if you are looking for a great meal you could find better food elsewhere.  Will I return?  I might, but it will likely be out of convenience and not craving.

Iggy’s Sports Grill

The ChinWag visited the Iggy’s Sports Grill at:

Jordan Landing
7268 S Plaza Center Dr.
West Jordan, UT 84101

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