Pei Wei Asian Diner

Pew Wei Signage

Pew Wei Signage

This week I made a trip to Pei Wei Asian Diner, it was my first time eating here and I was told it is similar to PF Chang’s but on a smaller scale.  I am a big fan of Asian food in general so I was excited to try it.  We pulled up and I took this picture, parking wasn’t bad and and the location was average.

Pei Wei Dining Area

Pei Wei Dining Area

We entered into the restaurant and I noticed that it was busy but there were still places to sit.  This restaurant has plenty of seating but doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable by stacked the table on top of each other.

When you first step into the building it puts you into line to order your food, with large menus to the right of the line and a stack of small take out menus to the left.  You don’t see a lot of pictures of the food you will be ordering but the menu is pretty descriptive.  At the front of the line you are asked how many are in your party and then they give you a number, a small disk with your number is then placed on a table so that you can seat yourself after placing your order.  You place your order and pay at the same time which I enjoyed because it meant no waiting for a check once we had finished eating.  The order taker/cashier was nice and greeted me with a smile (a small but effective way to increase the customers experience).

My Meal

My Meal

I ordered the Honey Seared Chicken and let me apologize now, I am new to this blog and I was mostly finished with my meal by the time I remembered to snap a picture.  The meal was good but I did notice one thing, at about halfway through my meal I was not enjoying it as much as when I started it.  The honey syrup was too strong and there was too much of it.  I had to put my fork down and take a break before I could go back to eating.

All in all the meal was good, the price wasn’t terrible and the service was great.  I give this restaurant my recommendation, if you are looking for PF Chang’s on a budget.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

The ChinWag visited the Pei Wei at:

1028 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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